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40 Pounds Colombian Supremo Coffee

  • Coffee is packed in 8, 5 lb. bags.
  • This product is a 40 lb. item.
  • When you order a quantity of 1, you are ordering 40 lbs.
Grind: Whole Bean:
Auto Drip:
 40 Pounds Colombian Supremo Coffee

Colombian Supremo Coffee: Supremo refers to the size of the bean in this high quality Colombian Arabica coffee. The large, beautiful beans yield a rich cup displaying a medium to full body and mid-range acidity. Our Supremo bean delivers a balanced coffee with an intense rich flavor, citrus nuances and a clean, lingering finish. This is by far our most popular Single Origin coffee.


NOFA NY Fair Trade Cert SCAA cert   SWP cert   KSA cert

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