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While coffee consumption remains strong, virtually unchanged despite the upsetting events of the last 18 months (NCA Fall Report), green costs have doubled; paper, transportation, staff, and benefits are more examples that keep rising.  It is across the board.  The coffee market, the C, and the differentials have continued to rise, and there is no indication these costs will stabilize or at best, decline soon.  And as you know well, cost increases have come in all categories, shapes, and sizes.  Because of these pressures we reluctantly will adjust prices.


KMO will raise roasted coffee prices between 8% and 15% in the first week of January.  Some promotions will be discontinued or changed this coming week, for instance, the five free pounds with 50 lb. purchases, will be limited to 1 time per month.   The discounts for using the web site to order and for paying by credit card remain in place.  KMO pioneered these unique discounts. 


After so many years of stability in coffee prices, it is a shock that these costs have risen so fast and so high.  But we are all in business. We must adapt and adopt new ways, and, above all else, provide for our customers, staff, and vendors as steady a stream of excellent coffee and products as possible and feasible. There are things that KMO does that no one in the industry does, like paying you to use the web site and pay by credit card when you use kmocoffee.com.  We work hard to always do what you want us to do, listen, then tell you what we will do, then do what we say, and do the right thing.


This is the Holiday Season!  Hooray!  So, Cathy and I and our staff wish you the best this Christmas Season.  We trust that in 2022 that all will enjoy a long and mutually profitable, successful year.


Bob Johnson




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