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Kaffé Magnum Opus ® is literally translated, a great work of art in coffee. The modern cafe has roots in the coffee houses where people gathered to socialize, network and occasionally do business. Kaffé Magnum Opus ® is crafted to support this tradition and our coffee is unconditionally guaranteed.

Our roasting facility is located in the Pinelands. This area of the East Coast was a summering ground for Native Americans and became a very important part of the American tradition of freedom and independence. Today the Pinelands is one million acres of preserved forest, mostly pine and oak. The Pinelands are made up of spring-fed, crystal-clear streams and rivers, trees that sound like wind chimes, quiet that encourages peace and contemplation, and a unique music that rivals the traditional country and bluegrass of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Kaffé Magnum Opus ® is committed to excellence. Our award-winning coffees have been highly rated and recognized for distinction. Our commitment applies to the craft of coffee roasting and equally important to the new craft of service to retailers. Everything we do is considered in terms of its effects on quality and our absolute dedication to providing the best, the highest quality, and the freshest coffee in America.

KMO welcomes New York Magazine readers. Reader comments: "you have more great coffee - I took it to China - we can't keep it on the shelf". Please join our satisfied customers. Look at the number of flavors and flavored decafs! See for yourself! All roasted to order, by hand. Yes, roasted and flavored, and packed, and shipped to order and by hand. Our days always start slowly and build to a crescendo! It is like the 1812 Overture. And we love it. The Organic Coffee is OCIA certified.

Kaffé Magnum Opus ® is changing the art of coffee roasting.

Bob Johnson


Certifications and Associations - Specialty Coffee Association of America, SCAA, USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified®, SWISS WATER® Process, Bird Friendly® Coffee, Northeast Organic Farming Certified, KSA

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