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African Coffee
5 lb. bags - 5 lb. min.

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Ethiopian Harrar Coffee
$13.63 /lb.
Ethiopian Yrgacheffe Coffee
$15.71 /lb.
Ethiopian Yrgacheffe French Roast Coffee
$18.74 /lb.
Kenyan AA Coffee
$20.04 /lb.
Malawi Estate Coffee
$13.67 /lb.
Safari Blend Coffee (Dark Continent Blend)
$14.26 /lb.
Tanzanian, PB Zanzibar Estate Coffee
$12.66 /lb.
Zimbabwe, Salimba AB+ Estate Coffee *Not Available - Raw Material Shortage*
$13.37 /lb.


Certifications and Associations - Specialty Coffee Association of America, SCAA, USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified®, SWISS WATER® Process, Bird Friendly® Coffee, Northeast Organic Farming Certified, KSA

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